Protox's Action Quake 2 Website

Protox AQ2 Pak File, new hud icons & font.

Last updated: July 30th 2021

Download a pak file below, place it into your action directory, for example C:\Quake2\action\

When downloading the pak the files, make sure Save as type is set to All Files & remove the .bin extention, so the final result is pak10.pak or pak11.pak

Download Links:

Download AQ2 Pak File - this will work with clients such as Q2Pro

Download AQ2 Pro Pak File - this is meant specifically for release

Default AQ2 running with Q2Pro & x4 scaling as an example, this release includes new scope & tags.

AQ2 Pro release, only changes hud, numbers & new font can be selected by changing to Action Green or Action Cyan in menus. AQ2 Pro already offers plenty of scopes and default tags are already good, so I didn't feel like messing with them. New hud & numbers can be changed in menu when normal sizes are selected.

New retro style font with green & cyan styles based on Quake2 conchars (but also very different if you compare). If you want to use the green in default Q2Pro, you will need to use a pak file editor (PakScape or PakExplorer for example) to rename congreen.png to conchars.png and rename the cyan conchars.png to something else or remove it inside the pak file.